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online business valuationEvery business owner should be thinking about the future.

The business valuation experts at know that as a business owner, you have plans for your company – and that you are likely thinking about what your exit strategy might be. Should you sell the business? Merge with another company? Have a family member
or trusted employee take over?

Whatever your long-term objectives are, they require careful planning and consideration that a comprehensive business like our ProfitEdge package, will address.

ProfitEdge is the most complete and thorough business valuation service from It incorporates all of the features and benefits of ValuEdge, but goes further to include services designed to influence the true financial worth of the company over the long term, such as: an assessment of how to optimize profits and  its consequent impact on the business; recommend growth strategies; and a comprehensive analysis of expenses that will determine the most efficient cost-reduction measures to be applied.

With ProfitEdge, you can be sure that no detail is left to chance as you prepare your and your business’s future. It has your end goal in mind.

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Terry McCann2012-01-12 17:56:18

Please advise cost of a business evaluation.

Business Adviser2012-09-28 18:37:10

We’ve got a page that talks about costs here: Business Valuation Costs. That should answer your questions, but if not, please give us a call at 800-706-1322 and learn how a valuation can benefit your business!

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