How To: Keep the Grinch from Stealing Your Small Business Christmas

Protect your Retail Business During the Holiday SeasonIf you work in retail or in an industry that offers gift items, the holiday season can be one of your most important seasons.  Now is the time when you can be making enough revenue to get you through the thinner months ahead.  However, the holiday season is also the time when shoplifters come out of the woodwork. Just as the holidays can inspire a generosity of spirit in some, they can also bring out the inner Grinch in others.

In order to keep your holidays protected from the HumBugs, here are a few tips on boosting security this holiday season.

1.)    Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If a potential shop lifter believes that they aren’t being watched or that they will not be caught, your merchandise will walk out the door right under your nose.  One of the most effective loss prevention methods is to have a visible security presence.  Simply seeing your security measures in place can be enough to deter any would-be shoplifters.

2.)    Cameras Don’t Lie

If you carry a lot of merchandise that is prone to theft, it may be worth it to invest the money in a Closed Circuit Television security system.  These cameras can be operated to watch all of your blind spots and can be incredibly useful in the prosecution of anyone who tries to steal from your store.  This is a highly effective way to protect your product.

3.)    Keep it Locked

If you sell valuable “big ticket” items like jewelry or hand held electronics, you can protect your inventory by making sure that they are locked in cases and only a limited number of your staff has the key to access them.  Since a manager should always be on duty, it should be easy enough for employees to ask for access to these items.  The fewer people that have direct access to these items, the safer they will be.

4.)    Be vigilant

It can be easy during a rush to get overwhelmed and to miss things.  This goes for both you and your employees.  As human beings, we only have one set of eyes.  This is why it is important to have someone walk the floor with the express purpose of “killing them with kindness”.  When you offer customer service that ensures that no one is left out two things can happen: your honest customers will love the additional service and those who are less honest will know that there is someone who has their eye on things.

5.)    Make it Clear

It is valuable to make it as clear as possible that you have security measures in place.  By posting signs that say “Shoplifters will be prosecuted” or “Smile! You’re on camera” potential thieves will know that they are being watched and what will happen to them if they are caught.  This will cause them to think twice before trying to sneak off with your merchandise.

There are a number of ways that you can boost your loss prevention.  Some may cost more initially than others, but ultimately you will save yourself the stress of worrying about your inventory as well as the cost of having to replace it.

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