How To: Business Expansion

Starting is Easy. Now Learn to Keep it Going and Growing.

Keep Your Business Going and Growing with Expansion  You don’t want to stretch beyond your means or grow too fast to be able to maintain your expansion—especially in this economy.  So how do you know when it’s time to grow?  Where can you find the necessary resources to go through such an expansion?

One of the things you should first consider is whether or not you have the current resources to expand.  This means, in specific, knowing if you have someone trustworthy to run your current location while you set up the new one, or vice versa.  Do you want to try a smaller expansion first and see if there is interest for a larger one?  Perhaps you should expand your online offerings and up the marketing for your business to build interest in an expansion or to see if interest currently exists.

The next question comes down to finances.  How much do you currently have to put toward an expansion project and how much do you additionally believe this will cost you?  This is a serious expansion question because you will need to consider how broadly you are able to expand.  By creating a solid expansion plan, you are likely to receive more loan availability at a much more affordable rate.

When you are considering expanding and especially if you are considering seeking a loan for the expansion, one of the best things that you can do is to keep your business in order.  Keep your paperwork at hand and your valuation up to date so you can show the most current information.  Being organized and having your information in order is one of the strongest stances you can take when facing a lender.

This is where companies like come in handy.  Not only do we offer business valuations with our ValuEdge product, which will give you a solid picture of how much your business is worth, but we also offer a unique product called LendingEdge, which is designed to enable you to get the expansion loan that you are after.

Interested in learning more about how our ValuEdge and ProfitEdge products will help you with your business expansion? Contact today at 800-706-1322.

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