DIY is Not Always the Best Option For Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners DIY

Small business owners tend to inherently be the types of people to take on big tasks and do it all themselves.  In most cases this serves a business owner well as they can have an inside knowledge to all aspects of their business and they have complete control over what is coming and going through their doors.  Having a Do-it-yourself mentality can bring a lot of satisfaction to a small business owner and many business owners believe that it also saves them money if they do it themselves instead of having to hire another employee.  This sort of attitude can be inspiring and is one of the necessary assets for successful business owners to have…except when we’re talking about certain things, in this case, marketing.  Here are some reasons why trying to be a business owner and your own marketing department can severely hamstring an otherwise successful business.

1.)    There is only so much you can learn on the fly. Maybe you have taken some initiative and have read some marketing books from your local bookstore, or have been listening to books on CD from well-known marketing gurus.  Good for you! As an owner, learning more about every aspect of your business is never a bad idea, but there is a limit to what you can learn on the fly. You can’t know what you don’t know and what you don’t know can hurt you.  Trying to do it all yourself can lead to costly mistakes like pouring money into online marketing when your business would have been better off having focused on local market research. 

2.)    A parent can’t be objective about their child. Just like a loving parent is not able to view their child objectively, a business owner who is passionate about what they do is not able to view their business in an objective light. Effective marketing means starting out with a completely unbiased opinion.  As the parent of your company, that’s simply not possible.

3.)    DIY doesn’t actually save you any money. Just because you’re not spending any additional money on an extra employee doesn’t mean you’re saving money on a DIY marketing plan. If you consider the benefits of a successful marketing campaign done by someone who has made marketing their way of life, you will see the increase in revenue, customer recognition and customer loyalty.  By doing it yourself, you may not be losing any of your customer base, but you also won’t be adding nearly as much.  This is just as costly as losing current customers. You are losing potential customers.

Successful business owners will tell you that if something is worth doing well, it’s worth doing it right. And while doing many things yourself can seem like an appealing way to do business, when it comes to your marketing campaigns, it’s best to leave those the marketing experts.

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